Development install

Following these installation instructions will give you an editable install, meaning you can change the python and frontend code and have it reflected in jupyter lab and notebook immediately.


You will need a version of the yarn package manager (version 1.2.1 or higher). This can be installed with conda or OS package installers. See - here for the official instructions.

Clone repository

To install a developer version of ipyannotations, you will first need to clone the repository.

git clone
cd ipyannotations

Next, install it with a develop install using pip:

pip install -e '.[test,dev,examples,doc]'

If you are planning on working on the JS/frontend code, you should also do a link installation of the extension.

If you are using Jupyterlab (recommended):

jupyter labextension develop .

If you are using the “classic” notebook, run (with the appropriate flag):

jupyter nbextension install [--sys-prefix / --user / --system] --symlink --py ipyannotations

jupyter nbextension enable [--sys-prefix / --user / --system] --py ipyannotations

Note that any changes to the python code will require a restart of the kernel, while any changes to the frontend require a browser page refresh (F5).