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Captions and question answering or summarisation

Many tasks require free-text entry, such as image captioning, question answering or translation, and summarisation.

This can be achieved with several freetext entry widgets.

Image captioning

The FreetextAnnotator class supports freetext entry for image tasks:

from ipyannotations.images import FreetextAnnotator

widget = FreetextAnnotator()


Freetext for text (translation, summarisation)

The FreetextAnnotator class supports freetext entry for summarisation:

from ipyannotations.text import FreetextAnnotator

widget = FreetextAnnotator(
textbox_placeholder='Please provide a one-sentence summary. Use Shift+Enter to submit.')
    'Let $C$ be a smooth projective curve of genus $g≥2$ and let $N$ be the moduli '
    'space of stable rank 2 vector bundles on C of odd degree. We construct a '
    'semi-orthogonal decomposition of the bounded derived category of N '
    'conjectured by Narasimhan. It has two blocks for each i-th symmetric power '
    'of $C$ for $i=0,..,g−2$ and one block for the $(g−1)$-st symmetric power. We '
    'conjecture that the subcategory generated by our blocks has a trivial '
    'semi-orthogonal complement, proving the full Narasimhan conjecture. Our '
    'proof is based on an analysis of wall-crossing between moduli spaces of '
    'stable pairs, combining classical vector bundles techniques with the method '
    'of windows.')


Arbitrary captioning

As with classification, there is a generic captioning widget, which allows you to pass your own display function. An example would be audio transcription:

from ipyannotations.generic import FreetextAnnotator
from IPython.display import display, Audio

widget = ipyannotations.generic.FreetextAnnotator(
    display_function=lambda f: display(Audio(filename=f)),
    textbox_placeholder='Please transcribe the audio sample. Use Shift+Enter to submit.',


Audio file by Aliyu Shaba via wikimedia commons.